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normal post Форум Автор Тема: Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Best Buddies Limited Edition 542.NX.8970.LR.1704.BBE19 watch
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xx Форум Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Best Buddies Limited Edition 542.NX.8970.LR.1704.BBE19 watch
 July 5, 2019, 09:18

Hublot%20Classic%20Fusion%20542.NX.8970.LR.1704.BBE19%20watch Форум

On April 28, 2019, the famous Swiss replicas hublot watches brand HUBLOT cooperated with Art Chengdu International Art Fair for the second consecutive year, once again bringing the “Ubo Love Art” exhibition to Chengdu. After the success of the first Art Chengdu International Contemporary Art Fair, this year's second Art Chengdu scale upgrade continued to promote the spread of contemporary art in the central and western regions of China and the cultural exchange between Chengdu and the world. Hublot always adheres to and delivers the “integrated art”, not only with Art Chengdu, but also supports a number of art events, including the ART021 Shanghai Yiyi Contemporary Art Fair and the annual influence of AAC Art China Peak Night for three consecutive years. The selection, the first JINGART Art Exhibition Beijing Expo, the Fosun Art Center, the Oil Tank Art Center and the M WOODS Art Museum exhibition. The "Yubo Ai Art" exhibition in Art Chengdu brings together masterpieces from Hublot's co-workers. The East and West cultures meet here, and tradition and innovation collide here. Hublot's "integrated art" concept is fully interpreted by artists of these different styles and backgrounds. Hublot is inspired by their artistic excellence to create an eclectic fake luxury watches , these exquisite timepieces will also be exhibited in the exhibition, bringing visitors the art of time!

The manuscript from Maxime Plescia-Buchi from Sang Bleu's studio shows his deep knowledge of geometric patterns. With his mastery of graphic symmetry, he created many amazing architectural works, and he deeply understood the mysteries of geometric figures and created a unique artistic style. Shepard Fairey, the godfather of contemporary graffiti art, "HUBLOT Star Gear (Red)" uses the symbolic power of the star wheel logo to be used in watches by mechanized reproduction, and at the same time becomes a symbol of the watch. And the features are undoubtedly a natural fit," he said. "It's great to use the star wheel logo in the mechanical part of the Hublot watch!" The classic painting by contemporary artist Marc Ferrero "Lipstick" ", female characters wear black sunglasses to create a strong mystery. She is solemn and unpredictable, best replica watch siteand her lipstick is a fascinating feminine trait.

In 2019, Lang Lang's new album "Piano Book" explained the origin of his piano path, the endless innovation enthusiasm and how to spread the true meaning of music to the young generation. Also striking in the exhibition is the red diamond "Wild Kong", which is a fangs and roaring roar. This is a representative work by French contemporary art sculptor Richard Orlinski. The multi-angle cut lines are combined with Pop Art style, unreservedly revealing the original animal nature, emitting a stunning red light, as if to guide the public to think about modern civilization and the law of the jungle. The watch products displayed in conjunction with the masterpieces of art show the concept of Hublot's “integrated art” and the subversive spirit of innovation. Through cross-border cooperation with artists, Hublot has continuously created an art-inspired watch, interpreting the eternal exploration of art with a good interpretation of the wrist, expressing its tribute and support for contemporary art.

Adhering to the brand concept of “integrated art”, hublot big bang replica always maintains its enthusiasm for art.

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xx Форум Ответ на: Fake Hublot Classic Fusion Best Buddies Limited Edition 542.NX.8970.LR.1704.BBE19 watch
 September 6, 2019, 11:10

Great post! I didn’t knowral of these resources and I’m going to go check them out now!
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