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xx Форум https://www.healthsuperclub.com/provexum-uk/
 May 9, 2019, 00:21

Provexum Some addictions can ruin even the best sex. 1. "Shy". Many women and men are embarrassed about their most sincere manifestations and emotions in bed, do not agree to experiment and are afraid to do something “wrong” during sex, they cannot even call things by their proper names. Be more incontinent in matters of sex. 2. "Everything is as it should be." How should the sexual act develop? Sufficient prelude, and then you can get down to business. But sometimes it is worth changing the traditional scenario. Give up foreplay, take action into your own hands - this may pleasantly surprise a man! Having diversified options of sexual scenarios, you will be surprised how much fun the bedding has become more interesting. 3. “Which of the two poses to choose today?” Many couples for years have not sought to try a new pose. Two or three habitual positions of bodies - that’s all they decide. But the world of sexual postures is huge and not known by many. Refusing to use the usual and annoying poses, you will learn many interesting things about other existing poses. 4. "Honey, I have no time." It happens that a woman allocates time to sex, along with the rest of the cases included in the daily schedule. But sex, if you squeeze it into the framework of time management, loses in quality. Fearing to spend the extra minute, you lose the pleasure and joy of having sex. Give yourself this occupation completely, without thinking about time. 5. Actresses in bed. Mimic orgasm - this tendency demonstrates disrespect for a partner, says that you think he is not able to give you pleasure. In addition, noticing your fake emotions, the partner can be very offended, but also not show the form. So begin serious problems in the sexual sphere. 6. “The initiative is punishable.” In spite of the fact that traditionally a man has taken the initiative to have sex, a woman should not sit in the corner and keep quiet too, waiting for his mood. If you feel the desire - take the initiative yourself, the partner will be only too happy. 7. "Just do not smile." A joke or laughter in bed can smooth out not only the unfortunate action of one of their partners, but also relieve awkwardness or defuse the situation. 8. “Porn?


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