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normal post Форум Автор Тема: Any thoughts on what could be wrong?
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xx Форум Any thoughts on what could be wrong?
 August 1, 2018, 16:44


I have an issue with the communications. I have a GEM with wifi/ethernet, I have it connected to my home router. I am able to connect to it and read data in the GEM Network Utility but not in the GEM_Data_Display application. The GEM_Data_Display application says its connected to the device, but receives no packets, however, when I press the 'reset counters' button, the counters do reset (verified by observing the real time data displayed in my browser). The GEM device itself shows that it is sending packets (the power led flickers red every time a packet it sent). The communications LED is a constant amber color. I know that this implies a communications issue, but it would seem as though it is communicating although not with the one application.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

Please help.

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Thank you.

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