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xx Форум Business Management Game
 May 19, 2018, 19:18


This is not a world tamed and explored, but still vibrant with magic. Settlements are scattered across the map, wherever they can find a patron to protect them or a hidden cove to shelter from the storms. Spirits demand obeisance before one can clear land for a farm. Demons ask for a drop of blood every day or they will tear down the town’s walls. A goddess protects her chosen people from the perils of the open desert in return – but no one else.
Vailia is the center of the world. Not out of arrogance does the city claim this, but as established fact – in all the thousands of miles of land and sea it has explored, no other nation dares brave the untamed wilds and storms of the open ocean. Its merchants bring together distant lands, carrying news across the known world despite the risks.

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