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normal post Форум Автор Тема: Blurred Vision
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xx Форум Blurred Vision
 May 7, 2018, 20:58


On a lesser note, the US has a new Master of Ceremonies for the next circus, GB has decided they hate the French and Germans even more than they could imagine and religion continues to twist the minds of gullible people. On a more significant note, I have lost all clarity of thought and now see the world as a strange and contorted prognostication and I await my fate. So that I am prepared, all images of the past have been eradicated. The past can no longer appear so clearly as in a photograph. It must be as blurred as the present or as unseen as the future. The very idea that my present is beautiful or to be liked is abhorrent to me. The camera records what I see; the photograph reflects not a Decisive Moment but a lapse of time I do not see. In this, I can continue to be surprised by what I don't see clearly. Then the image can become anything I want. There are no mistakes, no indecisiveness, nothing to like or dislike: they are what they are.

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