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xx Форум Communication Management
 May 7, 2018, 20:52


Modern society is characterized by numerous crises that require of individuals, as well as national and international entities, the ability to identify and control potential dangers in order to reduce the possibility of jeopardizing the existence and functioning of the business and social community. The crisis concept does not have a unique meaning, nor is it reserved for a particular academic discipline. While there are many definitions of crisis, common to all of them is that a crisis generates unpredictability, insecurity, uncertainty, time pressure, stress, tangible and intangible losses, and requires the timely adoption and implementation of decisions. In order to understand the nature and context of crisis situations and the procedures undertaken by individual actors, it is logical to question the definitions and meanings of crisis that provide a framework for the understanding of events in practice that indicate to us certain progress in understanding the crisis concept itself.

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